Charcoal Grilled on skewers

Please order skewers more than two for each menu.The price is for one skewer.


beef with ginger & Miso sauce  300yen


lamb rolled with pork 490yen


Asparagus rolled with pork   200yen


minced chicken balls/ Salt or TARE sauce  140yen


local chicken of Nagoya  490yen


local chicken's  lump  



chicken with green onion/ Salt or TARE sause  200yen


chicken wings /Salt or TARE sause



chicken hearts  




chicken gizzards  180yen





top of chicken hearts  200yen


chicken cartilages  200yen


chicken skins /Salt or TARE sause  180yen


chicken neck meats /  Salt or TARE sause200yen


 yam on the chichen neck meat  




local chichen's breast meat



squeeze citrus SUDACHI



chicken fillet rolled with seaweed  200yen


grilled tomato with bazil paste



pork barbecue  230yen

🌟Quail eggs

soft boiled eggs with anchovy instead  of salt  180yen


beef stomach with garlic sause


🌟Green pepper




Side Dishes


very soft tofu  250yen

🌟Deep fried chicken


🌟Grilled  Camembert cheese

With smokey flavor! 390yen


steamed chicken with fresh vegetables  


🌟Special tomato salad

with special balsamico sause 690yen

🌟Japanese cucumber pickles




Korea hot Chinese cabbage pickles  350yen

🌟Chicken soup





grilled rice balls  150yen


🌟Yaki-norimaki chazuke

grilled rice balls with hot soup  390yen

🌟Seasonal chazuke




grilled rice cake  150yen



🌟Home made pudding


🌟Seasonal dessert


Seasonal menu

 We also have some seasonal skewers and side dishes menu.Please look at another menu.

Course Menu

exsample  3,300yen Shino course.

We have three course menu of 3,300yen, 3,900yen, and 4,500yen.

These prices are not included tax,  included a cover charge.


These course menues include Kinboshi's specialities and recommended dishes.They are more reasonable than you  order  skewers and side dishes a la carte.We can serve it if you have favorite items.


3,300yen   Shino course

Eight various Skewers,two various side dishes and a Yaki-norimaki(grilled rice balls).


3,900yen Kiseto course

Eight various Skewers,two various side dishes and a Yaki-norimaki(grilled rice balls) and one of desserts or one of Chazukes(boiled rice in hot soup).


 4,500yen Oribe course

Eight special Skewers,three various side dishes and a Yaki-norimaki(grilled rice balls) ,chicken soup and one of desserts or one of Chazukes(boiled rice in hot soup)and one of desserts.



Draft beer  medium size  530yen

・Bottled beer                    590yen

・Ebisu black beer             590yen

🌟Japanese sake

・Hot sake (ATSUKAN) large size  790yen,small size  490yen

Please refer to the sake list for iced sake by the glass. These iced sake can be heated up if you want.


・Kakushigura (made from wheat)   530yen 

・Satuma no daichi (made from potato)  530yen

・Tomi no hozan  530yen

・Rento (made from brown sugar) 530yen

On the rock, with water, hot water, soda, oolong tea,or green tea.

・Chu-hai Shochu -based cocktail with lemon flavored  490yen

🌟Scotch whisky

・Dewards  single  530yen

・Macallan  single  690yen

Straight, on the rock, with water, hot water, or soda (Hai-ball).


Wine by the glass red or white  590yen

Please refer to the wine list for sold by the bottle.

🌟Fruit liquors

・Plum wine                         530yen

・Yuzu (Japanese citron) wine

・Mandarin orange wine

・Seasonal fruits wine       all 590yen

🌟Low alcohol drinks

・Cidle  alc4.5%                             490yen

・Smirnoff  lemonade alc5.5%    490yen

・Shandy gaff alc3%         490yen  


🌟Soft drinks

・Oolong tea  iced or hot  350yen

・Green tea   iced or hot  350yen

・Coke  350yen

・100% mandarin orange juice  490yen

・100% grape juice  (red or white)390yen

Alcohol-free-beer  390yen

・Perrie  350yen

We have a cover charge of 250yen per person.All the prices are not included tax.

Please check at your table. Thank you.